What is Islands?

The year is 2512. The human species has survived nuclear amargeddon - sort of. The survivors on a small Pacific island have rebuilt civilization the best they could. An oligargy of ruling intellectuals control the hearts and minds of the population in order to guide it into the future. Everything seems peaceful in this island paradise. But are the citizens as happy as they seem to be? Or are there darker forces at work....

The Rulers

   The High Mind           The High Biotic     The High Mechanic    The High Soul

The Citizens


         Hooke                            Fig                    The Prophet               Claire

Marie – The High Biotic


A world-leading geneticist and twenty-year member of the High Council. After publishing the monumental Encyclopedia of the Genome, Marie "retired" to the simple life of global politics. Seen as having a balancing and pragmatic influence on the council.

The role of Marie is performed by Susan Q Wilson. Susan’s recent stage roles include Jean Rhys in After Mrs. Rochester (Alumnae Theatre), First Witch in Macbeth (Hart House Theatre), Lady Saltburn in Present Laughter (East Side Players), and Dora Bunner in A Murder is Announced (Scarborough Theatre Guild.