What is Islands?

The year is 2512. The human species has survived nuclear amargeddon - sort of. The survivors on a small Pacific island have rebuilt civilization the best they could. An oligargy of ruling intellectuals control the hearts and minds of the population in order to guide it into the future. Everything seems peaceful in this island paradise. But are the citizens as happy as they seem to be? Or are there darker forces at work....

The Rulers

   The High Mind           The High Biotic     The High Mechanic    The High Soul

The Citizens


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Fig's Wall - Updates from the Assistant to the High Mind

  • May 2512

    • Clouds and kids

      2512-05-09 19:52:27

      I've noticed a similarity be between clouds and kids lately. Both are cuddly, yes. But more profoundly, both seem so hopeful - specifically those fluffy white clouds. I'm sure I have a meme in the archives somewhere to connect the two!

  • April 2512

    • Happy Reclaimed People

      2512-04-18 19:49:45

      I've noticed some citizens seem more happy than usual lately. The reclaimed just seem happier than the rest of us. I suppose it make sense - we've brought them so much in such a short period of time that it must fill them with joy. All the new technology, health, longevity. Who wouldn't be happy?

  • March 2512

    • Ice Cream Sandwich

      2512-03-28 20:35:04

      Had an Ice Cream Sandwich today. It's a treat made from cream that's been chilled until frozen. It's quite sweet and delicious. Memetic research indicates that this confection is named after a computer operating system from the early twent-first century. I'm not quite sure why it got named in this way, but it doesn't matter - it's delightful!

    • The Size of the Moon

      2512-03-21 18:40:11

      I had an interesting discussion with a reclaimed from the Americas. She was saying how the moon looks bigger because the atmosphere bends the light like a magnifying glass. I tried explaining how that's not the case - it really an optical illusion. But she wouldn't believe me, even after I proved it with some diagrams. She said she knows what she knows - she just has faith that she's right. And besides, she'd learnt it in school so it had to be true. Not sure how to deal with that.

  • February 2512

    • New Silk Robe

      2512-02-25 17:28:06

      The silk robe I ordered from China arrived today. The quality is quite good, and it is so amazingly soft. Sometimes I think it's amazing, the work that we've done. Just fifty years ago there was only one town in Jianshui County that had preserved the knowledge about silk. Thanks to our efforts, this knowledge has been recovered, and silk is now available to civilization once again. My skin is thankful.

    • Coffee Please

      2512-02-11 23:13:02

      Hooke introduced me to coffee this morning. It was the first time I've ever tasted something so.... well how do you describe it? Like a mixture of petroleum and battery acid. It's just vile, vile stuff. I don't know how it ever caught on. Somehow I feel like having another one tomorrow. Weird.

  • January 2512

    • What a day!

      2512-01-28 13:43:01

      It's a bright sunny day on the island! I saw humming bird out polinating the flowers, right out side my window this morning!