Current Season

Islands by Graham Porter

May 17, 2012 - June 2, 2012
at the Theatre Centre, 1087 Queen Street West, Toronto (Queen & Dovercourt)

What is Islands?

It is the year 2512, and the human species has survived a nuclear armageddon – sort of. The survivors on a small Pacific island have rebuilt civilization the best they could. An oligarchy of ruling intellectuals controls the hearts and minds of the population in order to guide it into the future. Everything seems peaceful in this island paradise. But are the citizens as happy as they seem to be? Or are there deeper forces at work....

Islands looks at the clash between utopia and human nature. Are people entitled to their bad ideas? Are people free to relinquish their freedom? When the mob is at the gate, does it matter if they're right or wrong? When your opponent plays dirty, when do you climb down into the dirt with them? All this, plus holograms, radioactive sunflowers, anti-aging medicine and fancy hats will be on display in two-hour installments starting May 17, 2012.

Visit the Islands site to learn more about the rulers and citizens on the island.



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