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bye, now by Graham Porter

draft89 presents bye, now an album by collective member Graham Porter.


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Breaking Young Divinities

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Introducing the new novel by draft89 collective member Rick Talbot.


Breaking Young Divinities is a candid and spiritual coming-of-age tale about a boy who grows up in the housing projects of 1980s Toronto and comes to grips with young adulthood in the 1990s.

He lives a sheltered childhood until high school, where he meets Jen, a mysteriously troubled young woman. She introduces him to his first tastes of passion, adventure, and sex.

In one tragic night, his world is turned upside down by an event that sends him on a misguided quest to come to terms with the world, with the God that he feels has abandoned him, and with the limitations of being human.

Breaking Young Divinities is available now in ebook and paperback formats at the following booksellers:

ebook - $2.99 USD | | | | | | Chapters Indigo | Barnes & Noble | Diesel Books

iBookstore USA | iBookstore Canada | iBookstore UK | iBookstore Ireland | iBookstore France | iBookstore Germany | iBookstore Italy | iBookstore New Zealand | iBookstore Australia

Paperback - $7.99 USD US & Canada | | | | |


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